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Dayamrita Chaitanya and his team are on the way to Haiti.

Haiti Relief Efforts

January 20, 2010

In response to the deepening crisis in earthquake-ravaged Haiti, Amma announced a plan to provide relief there.

Simultaneously, Amma has directed Br. Dayamrita Chaitanya to travel to Haiti with a small team of medical advisors to assess conditions on the ground. Br. Dayamrita’s team will explore avenues for Embracing the World to make a meaningful long-term contribution to the recovery effort. Click here to find out how you can help.

Br. Dayamrita Chaitanya and his team are on the way to Haiti. They will then access the situation there and will be making plans on how MA Center can effectively provide immediate and long-term relief to the people of Haiti.

What we learned is that during a crisis like this, the best way to help is through financial donations. The reason for that is it allows those funds to be used in the local economy and in that way boost the sustainability of the local communities.

If you want to make a donation to the Haiti Relief effort, you could make a check payable to MA Center. Write in the memo that the check is for Haiti Relief. MA Center, P.O. Box 613, San Ramon, Ca 94583.

In terms of the medical supplies needed, they need just about every type of supply. For example (See List Below)

Basic First Aid

Ortho and Other Categories

Steel Instruments and Drug Admin

ABC Bandages


Needle Holders

ABG dressings ( Abdominal dressings)

Casting Material


Rolled Gauze(like curlex)

Arm Slings


Anti-biotic Ointment


General use forceps(similar to kelly or allis)

Alcohol pads

Wheel chairs

Dressing and Trauma Scissors


C Collars

Sharp Blunt scissors

Butterfly bandages

Back boards

Scalpels and Blades

Iodine(wipes and bottles)

Sutures and Skin adhesive

Syringes < 20CC

Cotton Balls

Oxygen Mask

Luer Lock Needles(assorted sizes)

Saline ( bagged and syringes)

Oxygen Nasal Canula

Ambu Bags

Hot and Cold compresses

Exam Gloves


Sterile Eye Pad

OR Gloves


Surgical Scrub

IV Primary Gravity Sets

Closed toed shoes

Local Anesthetic

Catheters (Insertion)

Sleeping Bags


IV Start Kits


Hand Sanitizer

Cotton Tipped Applicators

Water Purification Tablets

Tongue Depressor

Electrolyte Tablets

First Aid/First Responder Kits


Apart from the above listed items the following are also needed:
o Water o Small Water Buckets
o Ensure (or any liquid food supplement)
o Respiratory Masks
o Personal Care Items & Cotton Balls

If you have a contact in a medical facility, it does not matter how large or how small, please see if you can obtain a donation of supplies. If you can bring the items here that would be best, but if the donation is too large for that, we will arrange to pick it up.

In terms of day-to-day living, some of the items needed are (read list below)

Some of you have done AIMS seva with Lela and know that everything that we ship has to go on a shipping manifest with a price. So, if you buy something to donate, please leave the price tag on it. That will save us from having to look up the price.

Since we do not have a satsang group located in Haiti to oversee Amma’s work there, we will be partnering with one of the large credible charities, which have a solid history of working in Haiti.

Make Donation checks payable to:

MA Center

PO Box 613

San Ramon, CA 94552

Ship In-kind Donations to:

Healthcare Charities, Inc.
10200 Crow Canyon Road
Castro Valley, CA 94552


Questions regarding Financial Donations:

Ravi Nair -

- Cell: 925-570-0744

Questions regarding In-kind Donations

Lela Kudritzki -

- Cell: 925-989-7674

Questions regarding Non-Profit Status / 501( c )(3), etc.

Darsana Little –

- Tel: 510-400-4829

In Amritapuri, Amma led several thousand people in a prayer for the peace of the departed souls, for those who have suffered injuries and devastating material losses, and for the mental strength and peace of mind of those who have lost their loved ones.

Amma’s charities worldwide are now known collectively as Embracing the World. In the United States, Embracing the World projects are managed by M.A. Center, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in San Ramon, California. Embracing the World’s contributions to the Haiti Relief effort will also be managed by M.A. Center.

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