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Práctica de los 1000 nombres de Devi‏+++++++++++++sábado 29 de junio

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Práctica de los 1000 nombres de Devi‏ Los invitamos este sábado 29 de junio a realizar la práctica de los 1000 nombres de Devi, esta práctica se realizará 5 veces con una duración aproximada de un hora por vez, la hora de inicio será a las 2:30 pm para estar finalizando a las 8:30 pm. Se realizará en la casa de Kumar en San Antonio de Escazú del cementerio Campo de Espernaza 100 sur y 75 oeste, casa a mano izquierda al final de la calle privada. El evento es gratuito pero solicitamos traer algo de comer vegetariano para compartir durante los recesos o al final del evento. Para mayor información llamar al 88347924. Los esperamos. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Practice 1000 Names of Devi We invite you this Saturday June 29th to do the practice of the 1000 names of Devi, this practice will be 5 times with a duration of about one hour at a time, the start time will be at 2:30 pm to be ending at 8:30 pm. This will be at Kumar's house in San Antonio de Escazú Espernaza Field Cemetery 100 south and 75 west, left home at the end of the private street. The event is free but we ask to bring some vegetarian food to share during breaks or at the end of the event. For more information call 88347924.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013


SYNTHESIS OF SATSANG 25.05.2013 Karma related * When we enter into a perfume shop left with the smell of perfume and if we go to a park with flowers, the scent and feel joy affects us, and if we go to the sewer smells bad, and if we enter into a coal factory , we went with black hands. * Also if you visit places with Mahatma derives collect the effects on us, and if one is able to open reap the fruits of His presence, and although not open also receive something, even opening gets deeper. * When we opened the windows, the light enters, although there is nothing that we can call light or night. Darkness is the absence of Light. * The changing world is not real, only Bramhan does not change is real. He is the substratum of all. * Words of The Mahatma is taken into account according to the context in which you say and who says them. * When Amma says something to someone, it says in the context of that being. * The person who has a right judgment not see anything wrong ever, everything will seem right. * Valmiki, highwayman, found seven rishis in their way and made it holy. * When something bad happens, or there is an accident, discern: maybe it's karma. * We are all links in the same chain, which makes one affects all others. * If someone drives properly, and the oncoming neglected, an error can occur for a fatal accident. * Our lives are somehow related. If a family has 3 people, have had a relationship in other lives. * If someone is angry with us hurts us. The karma of one affects the other. But we must have the determination that we affect the reactions of others, if we have this attitude of not reacting to the counter, the situation itself becomes our Guru. The other becomes our Guru, and action may seem bad becomes good. * Consider forgive and accept others as they are. * It all depends on whether we use sunlight windows open or closed. * It depends on us, on how we receive Amma's presence. See what happens in the presence of Amma. * History: They left pilgrimage 3 people, two young and one older, could not catch the train and the bus left them, so they lost four days in waiting, and although they could get to another place that was not so far from where they were, suddenly appeared a huge storm and took refuge in a cabin. The two girls began to get nervous, and set out to find which of the three was responsible for much misfortune. First came one of the cabin and very close lightning gleamed did not do anything, then out the other younger and will not affect nearby lightning falling, so they began to accuse the oldest of which he was guilty of everything that was happening, then came the third person and suddenly the lightning struck the house and killed the two youths. It was this third person who took them near the place of realization, was the karma of this third person who protected the other two. * We all have a relationship with us. * When it is said that the Divine Will does not have, it means that the results will depend on how we use our powers of discernment. * Fire may be constructive or negative. * The knife can be used for good, and to kill another person. * Depends on how we use the power of discernment. * Although the Divine is the unchanging substrate, is also divine that moves, the changing, because what is deep is what allows it to move. * The Divine, is the support of all changes. * The fan blades move because they are fed so that it does not move, so unchanging. -Ventilador/electricidad. -Fan: changing moves., -Electricity: not changing, not moving. ABSTRACT We've all heard of the law of karma. We all know that many or all of the situations in which we live, have a karmic origin. Karma: cosmic law of cause and effect. We collect depending on what we sow, the sea of ​​reasonable, right? But often we do not know what happens to us, because we can think, we only know that the fact is there to live. Therefore Amma tells us that we can not understand the law of karma. How can we understand that a good person, a person whose life is fraught with good deeds, die very young? How can we understand that a negative person is bugging others, even when falling old? How can we understand that a child, even a newborn child has difficulty living? We only have the vision of this life, we remember what we have experienced in this life and not all. But karma encompasses our entire life, since we spun off from God: for thousands of years? Millions of years? To know what we have been doing throughout our existence. The truth is that karma has acted in us from the beginning. Only God knows when and how we can deal more benefit to us loe effects of past actions, and then we create the situation. To us life seems the whole, we believe that everything in this life is here now, but in reality a life in the universe is a microscopic dot barely visible. When the tsunami about ten years ago, whose epicenter was in Sri Lanka, but also struck southern India, and at the same Amritapuri ashram. Around the ashram by the tsunami killed a few hundred people, including many children who for their light weight and forcibly dragged little water. There were some cases that Amma said: One of them referred to a family in India are numerous families who fled the onslaught of the sea, and when they would cross the backwater, the river, they realized that the panic of flight, had left sick grandfather's house, who could not move out of bed, so they were all men of the family to pick him up. Just when they were all in the house carrying his grandfather's house sank, killing all the family ran out of any man. Amma said that it could happen that these men in the past, were part of the army of a righteous king who brought an unjust war that killed many innocent people, and maybe for that reason all died together, healing karmic debt individually and collective that had generated together. Assuming that this is so, I came the effect of the cause in this life, and maybe this was because there had been hundreds of years. So can act the law of karma, hence our misunderstanding. When we are in front of a Mahatma, when we are in front of Amma, She does not see us as John, Flower, Helena, Toni, ... AAMMA see our soul, She sees our true nature, and there is accumulated karma of all our existence. And this is what we are, the result of all that has been lived. To know how much we have been given by tumbling the universe. Hence the importance of being in the presence of a Mahatma, a great soul, of Amma, how close we have. Being in his presence, or be in its orbit, it is taken as Teacher. For samples of His Omnipresence are obvious, too obvious. And being in its orbit minimizes the karmic effects, makes them more bearable. We can heal severe karmic effects causes more smoothly. A few months ago first thing in the morning going towards Martorell, with gray van, would pick zero cost foods, fell like drops of water and followed a curve down barely touched the brake and lost control of the vehicle, raised my feet and hands and uttered: Amma. The car went to the left, climbed the earthen wall on the other side of road, turned around and I saw weird just to the right again, but in the opposite direction, toward Piera again. This is a high traffic road, but during the incident did not pass any car on any of the two directions, and when I was about to re-start, the first cars were behind me, and in the direction in which he was stopped Francesc, I did not know but he was behind me. I put the car running smoothly and walked about 100 yards I got next to the road, Francesc came, looked and everything was in order. He could be a serious or very serious accident, and my perception Solvent sure there some karmic issue so much smoother than my share. This is the importance of being a true Master, to have a true master in our life. And from there, and it matters little or no understanding or not understanding as to the consequences of karma, but gladly accept what the Master sends itself to your life. If anyone would say the effects for the causes of your karma will take you to the next dog incarnate life, we will see as a setback in our progress toward God. Well we can say about a dog who sleeps with every day Amma in Amritapuri? Can we understand? Is involution or evolution? This dog goes to the arcana spot every morning, attending bhajans, delights with which you like best. It is a clear case of evolution, with everything and live in a dog's body. Another clear example of how the Master can help us in our karma. If we are truly a Master of minimizing our karmic causes and karmic effects appear less virulent, by His Grace. Not forgetting that Grace is related to the effort. And in this case does not flow only for us but also for those with whom we have related karma. There are individual karma, family karma, karma of town or city, country, no karma labor ... There are many types of karma and sometimes karma is involved with others. There may be many people with whom we have related karma. And the Master's grace flows to them also through our practices. An example of this can be seen in the one question I asked Amma a few years ago in Toronto (Canada). My mother had died the year before and my friend Artur Marti, a few months ago: Question: Amma, my mother died last year, and my friend Artur Martí few months ago, can you tell me where they are, how are you? "Do not worry son, you are already given to Amma, Amma takes care of everything thing, only with the seva you do, they get the benefits." The importance of the Master's presence in our lives, so that the strength of our individual karma is less, for the virulence of our karma related to soften.

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JAI AMMA AMMA SATSANG EN PUERTO VIEJO DE LIMON Le Invitamos al Satsang Amma (meditacion) Se celebrara el domingo..9 de JUNIO Habra cantos y meditacion por la Paz y la compasion del mundo y de nosotros mismos. La actividad no tiene costo DONDE: CASA AMMA,PLAYA NEGRA PUERTO VIEJO Llama : .2750-0082 CUANDO:DOMINGO ..9 DE JUNIO... 9:00am-11:00am ******************************************** JAI AMMA We invite you to celebrate Amma Satsang/Meditation Sunday JUNE 9,2013 There will be chanting, singing and meditating for Peace and Compassion for the world and ourselves. The activity does not have any cost WHERE: CASA AMMA,PLAYA NEGRA PUERTO VIEJO CALL; 2750-00082 WHEN: SUNDAY JUNE 9,....9:00-11:AM ************************************************** Om Namah Shivaya Para los que lo deseen , aqui tienen el link para la obra de Amma en español. Que todos los seres sean felices y vivan en paz La Luz de Amma ******************************************************* IN ENGLISH........www.embracing the