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LA LUZ DE AMMA PROJECTS (spanish then in english)

Hogar Montiel

Hasta ahora lo que hemos hecho en el Hogar Montiel es construir 6 baños, le pintamos los cuartos de colores a las niñas, el pasillo que estaban en muy mal estado y el baño viejo, y otros pequeños arreglos.

Con la ayuda de Cuca y Gabriela pusimos una cerca eléctrica ya que había un acosador que las espiaba, tenemos que recordar que estas son niñas con abuso sexual, así que hubo que protegerlas para que se sintieran seguras.

También donamos comida, ropa, jabón y auxiliamos para sacarles los piojos a las niñas, les ensenamos yoga y ayudamos hacer tareas y estudiar.

Hogar Magdala

Estos niños se encuentran paralizados y algunos ciegos por el abuso físico violento y sexual de sus padres.
En el hogar Magdala se encuentra Eckart, Erland y Maribel aquí les ponemos una maquina que se llama LIFE MACHINE que los ayuda en varios niveles (emocional, mental, físico y energético) compramos PEDI ASURE, se ocupan usualmente 30 por mes de los grandes.
Los ayudamos a comer (algunos comen por sonda) y se les da un poco de mimos.
Compramos un compresor, y ahora estamos ahorrando para un verticalizador que cuesta $2000.


El tercer proyecto es tratar de ayudar a los indigentes a salir de las drogas, una vez al mes se les da comida y se les presenta la opción de ayuda.
Este último proyecto no es tan exitoso, en el aspecto de rehabilitación, en un ano solo hemos sacado a uno, con la colaboración especial de Isabel y Vimala que fueron las encargadas de llevarlo a rehabilitación. Pero les encantan la sopa y el saber que tienen a su arredador gente que tiene compasión.
Bueno esto es más o menos lo que se hacemos con sus donaciones.

Gracias a Hazel por contribuir con la pintada de los cuartos y a todos los estudiantes de yoga, por haber asistido a las clases de yoga sin fines de lucro para el profesor y el centro de yoga.

Gracias también a los colaboradores del satsang de Amma.

Con gratitud,

Matias y Chelsea

Hello everyone,

Here is an update on what we have been doing with the 3 projects here in San Jose Costa Rica. Thanks to all of you, we have been able to get a lot done! And we will continue to do so. Please let us know if you would like to join in on any of these projects. We would love to share this wonderful enriching experience with everyone.

Hogar Montiel (home for 16 girls ages 7-18)

Here are the things we have been able to accomplish in the Hogar Montiel so far: a new bathroom with 6 showers, 5 sinks, and 4 big wash sinks for washing clothes.

All 4 bedrooms are painted with bright happy colors; each room has two different colors. The girls are so happy to have a new, clean, pretty room. You should see their smiles. Priceless!

The hallway with high ceilings has been painted, and the ceiling in the old bathroom was in poor condition and we were able to paint and repair that as well. Some other small things were also fixed.

With the help of other donations from Cuca and Gabriela an electric fence was put up surrounding the whole property. This was done very fast since there was a “peeping Tom” spying on the girls at night! It was very important to get this fence up fast since most of these girls have been abused and felt very insecure knowing that a man was inside the property and spying on them. Now they are so content and sleep the night through without ever thinking about their security! They know that they are safe now.

We make weekly donations of food, clothes, soaps, cleaning supplies and treatments for the ongoing lice problems. We do weekly “lice checks and treatments if they are needed, with a natural recipe of bitters, alcohol and boric acid. It works!

We go 4-5 times a week to help with homework and prepare for exams. We do activities such as yoga, dance and play games too. Fun stuff……

Hogar Magdala (home for 16 disabled children)

These children are paralyzed and some blind due to the physical abuse they received from their parents and family members. On Wednesdays Eckart, Maribel and Erland visit the children and help out with whatever is needed, such as feeding, which is done mostly through feeding tubes, moving the kids from beds to chairs, and just giving affection and love to these sweet souls. They also bring along the LIFE machine to help heal the children’s physical, mental, energetic and emotional bodies.

We also bring a nutritional supplement that is needed on a daily basis called Pediasure. They use 1 large can a day. Each can costs $20. We were also able to buy a compressor for the oxygen tank which is needed by some of the children to breath. We are now saving up to purchase what is called a Verticalizer, so the children can change positions on this table that moves them up & down (Vertically and horizontally) for their circulation. This machine costs $2000 US dollars.

Homeless Feeding

The third Project is the homeless feeding Project. Once a month we make 200 servings of a delicious hot soup and bring it to the streets of San Jose, where the most destitute come out to enjoy this hot meal made with love. We also offer them help if they are interested in going to a rehabilitation center to get off drugs and alcohol. This project has not been so successful in the aspect of getting people into rehab centers. We have only been able to get one person to a rehab with the help of Vimala and Isabel. However they really love the soup and the fact that people show up who care and have compassion for them.

So this is what we have been doing with all your donations, we thank you all. Special thanks to Hazel for helping with the painting and all the yoga students who attended the workshops to help these projects. Also, all those from the Amma Sat Sang “La Luz de Amma”. We appreciate all your donations, in whatever form the have come in.

with gratitude,

Matias and Chelsea

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